Monday, October 22, 2012

diabetes, sugar control and fasting

Advice on diabetes, sugar control and fasting :

Advice from an uncle, he used to have tablets for the diabetes.
2 drops in the morning, on an empty stomach with 2 drops of honey, 3-4 spoons of lukewarm water. The oil will not mix with the water, but that is okay, just take it together, first thing in the morning. If you already taking a 'first thing in the morning medicine' like for thyroid then have it after 25 minutes, wait 5 minutes and then eat/ drink anything else.

Take for 2-3 months first time; but monitor every few days.

Test blood sugar, if taking insulin.
If you have full blown diabetes, then you need to monitor sugar and insulin every day. But if this works well you will find that the amount of insulin required goes down.

After 6 months - repeat 2-3 weeks only, see reaction, then adjust your self - maybe need for 6-7 days more or less.

Now get in your own rhythm. Some people repeat after 6 months, others after 8 and a few more after 11 months.

This has been also tried by others we know some of who used to take insulin injections and now wither their dosage is 1/3 of before or they dont need insulin at all. But don't stop insulin at the start, monitor, adjust and do talk to a health advisor before you try if your not sure of the basics of the disease.