Saturday, July 28, 2007

2 poems

Love on Wings
His clasp so warm the tender touch
the probe, the vertigo circulates to a pinnacle
we merge we merge - we fall deep.
there are no angles no hard bones.
feelings chaotic settle to a rhythm
the rhythm widens to encompass the whole world.
thy whole being circulates to cometo a pinnacle.
We sway All emotions are drawn to widen out again and again
I rise above this mundane world.
I circulate , I sway , Iam away
away far far away into infinity.
-Lata Kapila

The one love
Oh the feel - the joy - the anticipation
On seeing the fresh white - crisp
so transparent O so nice
the unparalleled one to own
to save it you need it

the everyday love of our lives
the one thing that adds to our savings
the uncrushable - the unbreakable
the see through - the preserver of my love
the savior of one and all
the bane of environmentalists
the unfathomable the die hard
the preserver of the modern world
be it the kitchen or the office - the road too
You and I all of us need it,
the plastic packet
Use cloth bags - use coir bags shun plastic
-Tushar Kapila yahoo: tushar.kapila msn:
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