Sunday, October 29, 2017

Permanent Voting Centers

TIL you can petition the indian parliment

My petition :

Want permanent voting centers.
 Vote for MLAs, local bodies, over 2 weeks so more voters, vote % 70% or more, no holiday needed, just come and vote between 630am and 10:30pm. Two shifts.
No disruption to schools and teachers! More jobs. More representation.

 Permanent employees. Rest of time have votes on local things. Example: Bangalore Cantonment station metro station location.
Option 1 : have in parking lot near by- 1000 Cr more cost, but only 100 meters away from railway station

OR option 2 : 1.2 km away and destroy a play ground in a over crowded area, used by kids who are not well off?

Or option 3 save the 1,000 Cr but make a gymnasium fo the kids with 30 Cr multi storey in part of the grounds, so they end up with more playing space + can use it 365 days of the year + good PR for the government (50% central 50% Karnataka).

This vote should be for everyone in Bangalore district - max users of the station.

Other similar votes for your area's local issues. can have more than 1 subject open to voting, but with smart options. Not just yes/ no. some thought has to go to the options too.
-Tushar Kapila, Bangalore .
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Monday, October 9, 2017

Touchy press!

Happened in a group. Not sure if sharing here is a crime. but since hardly anyone reads this blog i think should be okay. will ask a lawyer. Never know with our rules! Click each photo to see big version. UI is not good, need to press back/ open in a new tab




(there is no m5)



 If this is how touchy they are, wonder how much news is ignored or under reported or mis-reported cause they did not like the person! But what mde it worse were my enligthened activists, running to placate them. Great team spirit! (sarcasm)

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Rent receipt template with landlord address and pan, India