Sunday, October 29, 2017

Permanent Voting Centers

TIL you can petition the indian parliment

My petition :

Want permanent voting centers.
 Vote for MLAs, local bodies, over 2 weeks so more voters, vote % 70% or more, no holiday needed, just come and vote between 630am and 10:30pm. Two shifts.
No disruption to schools and teachers! More jobs. More representation.

 Permanent employees. Rest of time have votes on local things. Example: Bangalore Cantonment station metro station location.
Option 1 : have in parking lot near by- 1000 Cr more cost, but only 100 meters away from railway station

OR option 2 : 1.2 km away and destroy a play ground in a over crowded area, used by kids who are not well off?

Or option 3 save the 1,000 Cr but make a gymnasium fo the kids with 30 Cr multi storey in part of the grounds, so they end up with more playing space + can use it 365 days of the year + good PR for the government (50% central 50% Karnataka).

This vote should be for everyone in Bangalore district - max users of the station.

Other similar votes for your area's local issues. can have more than 1 subject open to voting, but with smart options. Not just yes/ no. some thought has to go to the options too.
-Tushar Kapila, Bangalore .
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Monday, October 9, 2017

Touchy press!

Happened in a group. Not sure if sharing here is a crime. but since hardly anyone reads this blog i think should be okay. will ask a lawyer. Never know with our rules! Click each photo to see big version. UI is not good, need to press back/ open in a new tab




(there is no m5)



 If this is how touchy they are, wonder how much news is ignored or under reported or mis-reported cause they did not like the person! But what mde it worse were my enligthened activists, running to placate them. Great team spirit! (sarcasm)