Thursday, August 13, 2009

windsor manor junction sankey road, pedestrian crossing

after the traffic signals were removed a year back at Windsor manor junction sankey road,pedestrian nightmare
police man there should stop traffic coming from Guutahalli towards Windsor Manor every 4-5 minutes for 30 seconds so we can cross. even at 3pm etc its busy. after 5 pm very busy. else put lights back to stop traffic before they enter the circle area for 30 seconds every 4-5 minutes.
So we can cross even when police 'busy'. I asked a police man to help me cross he said he has to see other traffic - then he went back to taking to the garderner who was tending the plants in the middle traffic Island!
Or are we going to wait till some people get hit by speeding vehecles OR some big shot has to cross the road on the way to one of the 5 star hotels?
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Friday, August 7, 2009

bad end - Silver Star hotel, Palolem, Goa

1 star rooms and good food on the beach. Went off season (22nd July 2009 to 23rd) staff was helpful. Plain room - tv, western style loo. No soap, toilet paper, or hot water (but you can get most essentials at the shops 400 meters away). Owned by two brothers one of who I spoke to and seemed quite friendly.
Enjoyed my stay except - I was moving in to the Lalit Intertcontinental with my wife but wanted some clothes laundered. They agreed to clean them. When I checked out I did not ask for help and no one came forward to help with my 3 bags.
Realized the next day that I had the room key so I went immediately and dropped it off. All the staff was around the TV - slow days.
When I came back for my clothes on the 25th the other brother was there was he was not very nice. Said I owe him a days rent cause I had the room keys! I told him walking away with room keys is a common problem - that is why some star hotels have the paper or electronic keys now that can be easily replaced in house at a low cost.
He said how are they to know if I checked out or took the key along cause I meant to come back!
I reminded him : when I checked out I informed the staff that I was checking out, settled my bill and then left.
Then he started calling me a beggar and other obscenities, when I told him to shut up and cussed him one of his staff flew at me and had to be stopped by another.
Sad experience - will make me more wary of these low budget places in the future.
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