Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bangalore (Bengaluru) BLR international airport bus service, great ac red volvos, quick n comfortable

On flying ... its not eco friendly but god is it faster! I was very impressed with the red ac super comfort Volvo bus service to the new Bangalore airport . got there in 35 minutes from my house (near Windsor manor hotel) - that was early Sunday but on return - rush hour Wednesday 6 50pm to 7 50pm!
unfortunately not many people are using this service ... they do not know u can go for Rs125-250 in an AC bus that has only 2/3 seats - rest is racks for luggage - so its great and quick to get on and off - luggage is in the same area as the passengers.
of course no one to help u ... but for most beats a taxi/ self drive. even if u r going to see someone off u can go with them in the bus and return in comfort ... save money and nearly same time as car ...
there are non ac buses too for half the rate. 
More information : 2009 Nov link
* edited link, ty TeeBee
For fun, the BMTC people change the link often. Clueless govt folks - what doyou expect ??! if the link does not work go to the home page

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Goa Canacona Palolem bike car hire

Goa Canacona Palolem bike car hire 9764 2676 71
have to bargain ... though dont expect more than 15% off (if more than 3 hours.)

Tushar Kapila
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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Meditation Technique with Breathing


  Hi please try it for 2- 3 weeks at least !

Remember there are a lot of methods to meditate . This is an old yoga method that is simple and very effective but only if practised regularly so give it 3 weeks - best 40 days and do it daily - best is in the morning - freshens you up and gets you ready for the day . If not can do it anytime except keep a gap of 25-30 mins.. after a meal .

Loosen any tight clothing - and remove shoes/socks/belts if possible.

Enjoy life ponder on the little pleasures like on eating a grape savour the taste.

The technique itself is {takes about 10 mins.}:

Sit down cross legged on a mattress or carpet OR on a comfortable chair if you can't sit down .

Close your eyes ;

Say a 10 second prayer of thank-u

Keep your arms on your side , with your palms made in a fist and kept near your shoulders - your elbows bent and near your body ,
Now in quick movements straighten and raise your arms right up and then back to ur sides - let them slap your ribs lightly as they come down - so breathe in when u raise and breathe out when u come down .
Do this 10 - 12 times then rest for half a minute then again and rest and once again .

If you didn't get that part its OK - do the next part well - its the main thing .

Now concentrate on ur breathing count slowly to 20 breathing slow - one count for every i n   and  o u t   s l o w ....

REMEMBER: concentrate on ur breathing - if ur thoughts wander than bring them back to ur breathing in out in out

breathe a little faster 30 times
all the time concentrating on ur breathing

1 breath in breath out
2 breath in breath out
3 breath in breath out
REMEMBER: concentrate on ur breathing - i fur thoughts wander than bring them back to ur breathing in out in out


and 30 v fast
breath in breath out
repeat all three speeds in same cycle twice more { total 3 times }

Hope u gained.

Feel great ; congratulations remember it gets better in time.


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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

poems and Haikus by Lata Kapila

Critism welcome




Meters High Waves, Winds

Strike disrupt into minusclues

Huge sheets water awesome




Books in a pile

Un-sung tales of might valour

No time from strife




Owls are weary of light

Moles daylight Bats sunshine

Man in blinds to life




Depth of colours vary

Life exists worms trees man

Consciousness differ




Examining egg

Abandoned under tree

Feel hundred eyes




Buds streching to touch

Blue skies clouds above dwarfed

Giraffe his long neck




I curl up to sleep

Rocks under water cozy

Swaying water soothe








With only you and I

Entangled thoughts

Intertwined bodies

Arm in arm we lie

Why is my heart still so cold

cheeks  wet





She lies in my heart

Morbid quiet for love

She mourns for me

Not realizing she abides in me


Birds hasten to nests

To narrate the harrowing experience of men in steel

Trespassing their domain.





The sea spray still reminds me of the spark in your eyes

The wind through the leaves

imitates your sweet voice

The opening buds are your face in happiness

The twittering birds calling out to my goddness my gladness

My spirit in repose

Come the shaky fingers of dawn

Wake me up – Wake me up

My dreams turning to reality.




 - Lata Kapila 2008