Saturday, July 26, 2008


sent international postal mail at local prices $1 Rs 50 for a one page letter to the USA
Why use this? Save time and money on international posting. Process * You upload and / or type/ draw (using in development Java applet) the letter/ documents to be posted. What do we do with your information? Nothing besides printing, sealing in envelope and posting. We do not read it or retain a copy after processing. For full details read our privacy statement
Send letters across countries faster and at low cost!
Why spend on international posting ... if you can scan or want to send personalised handwritten letters to your loved ones or type / have a text/ word/ html version of the letter, upload it here, give us your and the recipient's postal address.
To begin, simply type the letter in the big box or upload the documents to be printed (each file will be on a separate sheet, you can specify print options - margin, page orientation and choose from page sizes. Fill in the text in the big box saying Text Contents/ or choose one or more printable files. You can even zip the files if they are big/ numerous. Attachments besides txt, jpeg, html, text, MS Word (version 2000 - use save as to save in 2000 version), Excel, ppt will not processed (or zips containing anything but these types of files). Office files will be opened with macros off. We will give you a link at the end of the transaction from where you can view the status of your request. We will print and post within a day, if the payment matches the number of pages. The site will be updated within a day of us receiving the delivery receipt. You can choose to go by regular mail where there is no receipt. Full money back refund in case documents not delivered within 8 days in metros and major cities (2-3 weeks for more remote places).

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