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Shivaji nagar RWA - why I left

I thought RWAs are such a good idea. But have left the Shivaji nagar one that i was part of.

The main leader Sufiyan supports the Bhratath bandh being called by a few parties 28th Nov 2016. What a regressive step. He posted an image on the chat group about it (there are 2 groups - one the main for civic issues and the other for forwards, chat, and personal/ political beliefs like this.)

He posted this:

Then I posted

Part of the chat follows without media:

 11/24/16, 22:57 - ‪Name Unknown:
11/24/16, 23:55 - Shrf Sharief: Housing prices to drop up to 30% in next 6-12 months, wiping off Rs 8 lakh crore in value -
11/24/16, 23:55 - Shrf Sharief:
11/24/16, 23:55 - Shrf Sharief:
11/24/16, 23:55 - Shrf Sharief:
11/24/16, 23:55 - Shrf Sharief:
11/25/16, 08:20 - ASHWIN ARWA QUEENS:
11/25/16, 09:36 - ‪Name Unknown4  99452 00916‬:
11/25/16, 10:16 - Mrs. F :
11/25/16, 10:58 - ‪Name Unknown:
11/25/16, 10:59 - ‪Name Unknown:
11/25/16, 10:59 - ‪Name Unknown:
11/25/16, 13:40 - Mrs. F :

Guys start voting and forwarding to everyone  you know.

Indian PM Modi is at 5% so hit it hard. Because in India, nobody knows about this poll so forward to everyone
11/25/16, 14:43 - Name Unknown2 :
11/25/16, 17:12 - Name Unknown3 :
11/25/16, 17:16 - Tushar Kapila: :) tuff to do. but important. not evryone the same. and different opinions part of freedom and a bigger market (if we all wore, ate same thing, less restaurants, less designers...)
11/25/16, 17:22 - Mrs. F : मेरा देश बदल रहा है...

मोदी चुप हैं ।।
मनमोहन बोल रहा है ।। 😂😂
11/25/16, 17:25 - Tushar Kapila: interesting names :) ...Video plays, stop that, click on start poll. Can yes more than 1 Question. Combined vote...
11/25/16, 17:27 - Tushar Kapila: is a US site though. mostly americans voting trump the dodo
11/25/16, 17:28 - ‪Name Unknown4  98867 85132‬:
11/25/16, 17:28 - ‪Name Unknown4  98867 85132‬: B4 participating in the bharat bandh all participants should first choose the next  PM  of their choice
1.  Mamta bannerjee
2. Mayawati
3. Kejriwal
4.  Sitaram yechuri
5.  Rahul gandhi ....or
If you answer is "none of the above"  pl get on with your own jobs/business and let the comedians perform for those who are on off-duty or lot of spare time.
11/25/16, 17:30 - Tushar Kapila: true. we cursed former govt for inaction. lets give 6 months to this one to see how this money change works out. Maybe go 10km away witha pen and help some poor people open a bank ac
11/25/16, 17:30 - Tushar Kapila: tell them about banking
11/25/16, 17:30 - Mrs. F : Trump is low in the voting assange is higher and modi too
11/25/16, 17:30 - Tushar Kapila: show them how net banking works
11/25/16, 17:30 - Sufiyan:
11/25/16, 17:30 - Tushar Kapila: i helped my cook start an account. more of us can do the same
11/25/16, 17:31 - Tushar Kapila: go help some of them too Sufiyan
11/25/16, 17:31 - Tushar Kapila: protest - what do u hope - the suffering will go down?
11/25/16, 17:31 - Tushar Kapila: sad remedy
11/25/16, 17:32 - Mrs. F : But at the same time media is clamped as they won't get funding and shiv
11/25/16, 17:38 - Mrs. F : Some MPs of shiv sena were called and threatened individually as uddhav has said in today's paper and also except for mamta all the opposition members r scared of i t raids if they open their mouths and all this happened in Congress rule also for example with Amitabh  when he joined bjp, on his way to hospital he was served with a notice as they say power is v bad and absolute power will make u a dictator soon enough Janata has to decide
11/25/16, 17:38 - Tushar Kapila: so vote them out next time
11/25/16, 17:39 - Tushar Kapila: but lets help the poor now. a bandh is going to do what ?
11/25/16, 17:39 - Tushar Kapila: time pass politics
11/25/16, 17:39 - Mrs. F : Right absolutely
11/25/16, 17:42 - Mrs. F : I think one of the reasons why Raman resigned was he was not prepared to toe the line he wld have definitely debated the hardships people r facing it is my guess I cld be wrong
11/25/16, 17:42 - Mrs. F : Sorry arnab typo error
11/25/16, 17:44 - Sufiyan: When common people r facing hardship for their own hard earned money , an ex Minister celebrated his daughter 's wedding in an extravagant way ,
Time pass politics. ???
11/25/16, 17:45 - Mrs. F : What abt election money deposited in bjp account in Sept for u p elections
11/25/16, 17:48 - Sufiyan: All politicians r not worried about their ill gotten wealth , the ques outside banks is enough proof .
Maybe they don't have any black money ??
11/25/16, 17:49 - Mrs. F : How can u give a father his 9 yr old son back as he had 29000 in old currency but no transport available and walked 30 kilometers to the hospital only to have his son die in his arms and please dobt say that one or 2 incidents like this will happen   to his family their whole world has crashed
11/25/16, 17:53 - Tushar Kapila: To brong things notice. MKe a sign or afew signs and hold on road
11/25/16, 17:53 - Tushar Kapila: Why a bandh? Bandh is bad
11/25/16, 17:54 - Tushar Kapila: Two wrongs not needed
11/25/16, 17:54 - Sufiyan: A cat closes her eyes & drinks milk assuming that nobody noticed .
11/25/16, 17:55 - Sufiyan: It's a constitutional right of every citizen of India to protest
11/25/16, 17:58 - Tushar Kapila: Not to make.a bandh and stopother
11/25/16, 17:58 - Tushar Kapila: Please protest
11/25/16, 17:58 - Tushar Kapila: But on road side without stopping otherd from working
11/25/16, 17:58 - ‪Name Unknown:
11/25/16, 17:59 - Tushar Kapila: It is my right to eork on that day
11/25/16, 17:59 - Tushar Kapila: It is my right to work on that day
11/25/16, 18:05 - Prakash Mall Plain St: How will protest help? 2 wrong doesn't make it right. We need to fight corruption but its deep rooted so we all need to chip in and help who is driving.
11/25/16, 18:07 - Prakash Mall Plain St: If a politician has money which btw all politicians would have I guess, that should be taken care off. And for that matter anyone with substantial unaccounted money. Rather than not doing anything
11/25/16, 18:07 - Prakash Mall Plain St: Government is also learning and constantly tweaking
11/25/16, 18:08 - Prakash Mall Plain St: I only hope that government come up with a plan to help folks who are poor and/or rightfully paying their taxes
11/25/16, 18:15 - Tushar Kapila: You were there for the fly over protest Sufiyan? Did we stop anyone from working or even using that road? Then why a bandh now? what is the motive? If common man is hurt, why hurt him more? and what about daily wage earned?
11/25/16, 18:16 - Tushar Kapila: yoiu want to help them by denying them a day's work? how is that helpful to them?
11/25/16, 18:18 - Name Unknown2 :
11/25/16, 18:19 - Mrs. F : No one stopping anyone fr working
11/25/16, 18:19 - Sufiyan: Tushar u admit that a common man is hurt ??
11/25/16, 18:20 - Tushar Kapila:
11/25/16, 18:21 - Tushar Kapila: I have not done a survey but what i hear in newspapers and from friends and 2 auto guys i spoke to yes. i showed the auto guys my payTm how it works
11/25/16, 18:21 - Tushar Kapila: one of them had a smart phone
11/25/16, 18:21 - Tushar Kapila: maybe he will use it (he did not have Ola app)
11/25/16, 18:22 - Sufiyan: To fight deep rooted corruption , why only we should chip in ??
U mean to say that all politicians & big industrialists r non corrupt ??
11/25/16, 18:22 - Tushar Kapila: i rather go about positive action then a bandh
11/25/16, 18:23 - Tushar Kapila: my present argument is one - to convince my friend Sufiyan to take back this dedcleration that he declaratoin that he supports bandh. I support your right to protest, i do not know big secrets. but am willing to listen. but plesae say you dont support a bandh
11/25/16, 18:23 - Tushar Kapila: \to who ever sent you that image and others who you forrwarded it to
11/25/16, 18:24 - Tushar Kapila: first i hope you will say - we can protest peacefully like we did against fly over - even for 8 hours , but not stop others from working. No to bandh
11/25/16, 18:24 - Sufiyan: When a bjp worker was murdered a few days back,  forcefully all business was stopped in Shivajinagar , even the Bmtc bus stand was closed for 2 days , was the common man not effected then ?
11/25/16, 18:24 - Tushar Kapila: so how does emulating right wing hindus make it right
11/25/16, 18:25 - Tushar Kapila: should I put a loud speaker outside my house towards the mosque?
11/25/16, 18:25 - Tushar Kapila: will that make you understand my ear pain?
11/25/16, 18:25 - Tushar Kapila: i beleive in many religions should i blast their prayers at 3am?
11/25/16, 18:25 - Tushar Kapila: is that okay?
11/25/16, 18:26 - Tushar Kapila: will my neighbours appreciate my copying?
11/25/16, 18:26 - Tushar Kapila: will it be fair and sensible?
11/25/16, 18:26 - Name Unknown2 :
11/25/16, 18:27 - Tushar Kapila: come on Sufiyan lets go have some tea and go for a walk to get some cubbon park air enough of this - copy bad
11/25/16, 18:27 - Tushar Kapila:
11/25/16, 18:30 - Sufiyan: Tushar pls don't bring religious issues  ,
I & my party don't have to copy from any neighbours , politics runs in my blood .
11/25/16, 18:30 - Tushar Kapila: its the same concept
11/25/16, 18:30 - Tushar Kapila: disturbing
11/25/16, 18:31 - Tushar Kapila:
11/25/16, 18:32 - Sufiyan: Tushar pls fix a loudspeaker towards Mosque , let's see ur guts .
11/25/16, 18:32 - Tushar Kapila: sure
11/25/16, 18:34 - Sufiyan: Fun starts now !!!
11/25/16, 18:38 - Tushar Kapila: Yes and you showed your true colors. Keep saying in ARWA meetings that you want good for neighbours all a lie to get into poltiics?
11/25/16, 18:38 - Sufiyan:
11/25/16, 18:39 - Tushar Kapila: And I'm telling you not to copy the bad, but your encouraging me to do bad
11/25/16, 18:39 - Tushar Kapila: that is your ARWA leadership?
11/25/16, 18:39 - Tushar Kapila: what a joker
11/25/16, 18:40 - Tushar Kapila: am sure you will do great in politics. people like you should be in jail for few days
11/25/16, 18:56 - Sufiyan: Tushar, pls mind ur language , Mahatma Gandhi ji was also jailed , it's a sign of great leaders ,
Pls if u can , send me to jail , I want to see ur reach .
11/25/16, 18:56 - Tushar Kapila: Lol
11/25/16, 18:57 - Mrs. F : Why r u getting personal tushar don't bring religions into open forums
11/25/16, 18:58 - Tushar Kapila: Not my job.
11/25/16, 18:59 - Tushar Kapila: Because its a civic problem. Dont stop you or anyone from praying. I went to Oman their they dont have loud speakers
11/25/16, 18:59 - Tushar Kapila: Wish it were same here
11/25/16, 18:59 - Tushar Kapila: My neighboir listened and spoke on my behalf. Sometimes its lowered
11/25/16, 19:00 - Tushar Kapila: Its not about one religion. In Delhi the day my dad died all night long Hindu lousld speaker. I complainedabout that too
11/25/16, 19:00 - Tushar Kapila: Anyway i had enough of this
11/25/16, 19:01 - Sufiyan: This is not the first time he is doing it ,
I consider our entire locality as one big family .
11/25/16, 19:01 - Tushar Kapila: People understand what they want to
11/25/16, 19:02 - You left

I left as to me he seems like a vile problem starter, encouraging hatred if its related to lowering volume of loud speaker at mosque. For me that is a civic issue. I know temples, churches, evaangelists, people celebrating Ganesha do it in India, but does that make it right? And do you encourage someone to start a fight or de-escalete it if your a leader?

Am happy to be out of the group. Hope we get better leaders.
Hope the government & schools makes situations where we have better KAS and IAS and lower wrung officers,s o we do not need RWAs to do part of the work of govt and few get powerful and further their politicial agenda.

And till that happens that we can stop people like this from getting to powerful by making our own groups for things that are good.

I had my doubts earlier too - when he had a cigarette and threw it on the groud the day we had the Union Street- and part of Bowring hospital road clean up. When I said - why are you littering just after helping cleaning up? All he did was grin! So mostly a show and less real intent?

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