Monday, May 12, 2008

health wealth - lower back decompresion op AND diabetes alternate help

health wealth - lower back decompression op?
hi anyone had or know anyone who has recently - last 1-2 years had a lower back ortho operation for decompressing discs that were pressing on nerves?

my mom just had one and after that I have heard from someone that its not really effective pain comes back after a few months. doc says got to do the exercise self physiotherapy that they will teach. right now she is in pain due to op - they say it will get better in a month or so
any more experiences to share?
thank you

hello I wanted to share that my taya (dads eldest bro) has diabetes and he learnt of having 2 drops of pure sandalwood oil with 2 drops of honey with 20ml warm water first thing in the morning. after this nothing to eat for an hour. so he does this first then brushes etc ...
Do for 15 days then stop for 45 days then again do for 15 days ... cycle ...
says it has really helped him control. he still has medicines and takes injection but less dozes and best part - feels better

Tushar Kapila
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