Wednesday, October 22, 2008

no way to cross road at the windosor manor juction sankey road bangalore on the way to the new airport

I hate that the government/ cops have removed the signal near my house so cant cross easily. they removed the traffic signal near Windsor manor hotel cause they wanted to make a quick corridor to the new air port and promised a pedestrian underpass - but no sign of even starting on construction of that yet. as*$#!les should have left the signals for at least crossing road every 3 minutes till underpass ready. local governments suck.
Only reprieve is 530-8:30pm when there is a cop there who manually stops the traffic from one side when there is too much traffic on the 'signal less ' corridor - meaning its a failure and another example that they don't know what they are doing and cant plan - the new road system is ok when there is less traffic but they should have left the traffic signals for when there is heavy load and the pedestrian crossing all the time

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