Sunday, October 12, 2008

seventy mm - bad service (video rental in bangalore, india)

seventy mm - how to sue background : I had a bad experience with seventy MM now i have 2 of their discs and they have my deposit money Rs550. they did not react to my asking for my money back (they sent sms to get movies back when i called to ask for my money back they would say ok the concerned department will get back in 2 days ... this haappened 6-7 times since 2008 july. finally i called the manager and told him am recording the convo and will send a court notice. he said he will send cheque in 2 day. i said no either give me a DD or cash ( i reminded him i paid by cash) else give me the check and iwill give the discs when the check is clearer as i dont trust them. they never got back. i have the receipt of deposit.
now my question is what can i do next? which consumer forum in bangalore? need to go via a laweyer or can i fill a form and initiate? i want my money and damages (time and bearing the bad service) . anyone successfully gone thru something similar? i now use big flix - marginally better

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Unknown said...

Hi i am facing the same problems here in bangalore. were you successful in getting the money back. Please let me know if you want to go ahead with consumer court complaint or join me as i am going ahead with that