Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Read unlimited with Amazon kindle!

Good deal on amazon, if you like to read. Can read on laptop, mobile or kindle device (do not have to buy device to be eligible – can read on desktop/laptop).

Rs 100/- subscription for first month, then Rs.200/- a month, can stop after a month. Entitles you to read any number books (10 at a time) from a select kindle books (about 15% of the books on kindle).

Search page -  (look for kindle unlimited in the search result entry to see if its eligible.)
If you only want kindle unlimited results (this only works once your signed in and have an active kindle unlimited subscription), search here :

Delta: its a pity  u need an active kindle unlimited account to be able to see that filter in search. should be for all users. but can use the send to button only if have active subsription. that way can see what books exactly are there. excellent service besides that.

Can read them on desktop at after you have your account set up.

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