Saturday, August 16, 2008

splitting souls, karma, re birth and atonement

kharma/ souls - where do they go ? is there re birth ? what else can explain - social disparities , luck?
I used to wonder though - how come the population keeps growing ( #1 problem in 3rd world countries India esp.) - are they plant / animal souls ? do they come thru from other planets/ universes / wormholes?
My new theory - if you are really bad - your soul gets split up into sub-souls that each need salvation individually - before they join and the 'original' soul gets salvation. This is if you cannot do good deeds this life, help others/ teach/ volunteer ...
Souls of folks like Hitler , I'm sure got split into a few hundred souls!
Regards Tushar Kapila

Friday, August 15, 2008 quick and easy java - php web host setup

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Good and quick service and got the app working.
Eela Kapilla