Monday, December 29, 2008

Killing Seals - Non-Veg-Double Standards?

"I recently got a mail saying 'STOP THE KILLING OF SEALS' showed gruesome pictures of baby seals being slaughtered.It didn't move me..
Is killing of animals in broilers and slaughter houses justified??Is it not double standards?
The use of pesticides and antibiotics is in a way justifiable..but we don't need meat to survive..
(sorry if am hurting the meat loving community )
Comments please..
I do not believe you can compare micro organisms to seals or chickens as they are much higher up in the food chain - have more idea of being alive feeling pain - if you consider micro organisms then why not consider plants too - they too emit sounds we cannot hear (like a dog whistle - I forget the word - high freq.) when they are broken/ plucked. "
"I'm sorry I fail to see the relation. What double standards, do you speak of? Seals are an endangered species, not abundant and canned like Tuna.
Either way, if you're looking at a whole 'vegan vs. non-vegan' debate, then you're touching on a dead end, as taste is entirely subjective.
The way I see it, life feeds on life to survive, that's the cruel order of the world, so I don't think you'd want to call yourself a hypocrite, if you come to realize just how many micro-organisms die under your respiration."
My response:
the big thing that I see as the diff is that humans are sentient - most high animals feel pain show love for off spring - but only we are sentient.
FYI - I'm a happy non veg - just that I did not see the simile with micros. killing baby seals is more unbearable as its not for food and the manner of killing is really barbaric.
But in the end its the livelihood of many that's why a "first world" government like Canada allows it. I'm against it - but then have we all stopped using TVs, petrol, chemicals, cigarettes, Computers and mobiles even though they are all harmful to us? they harm the atmosphere and kill other life   too - direct and in direct . Examples are too many but a few are: oil spills - birds, chemicals in rivers - fish, over population, farming - all forests and animals in them.
When you stop using a car / bus / train / chemicals/ plastic ... then you can sit on a high moral horse and preach about double stds. Until then we all have double standards. Just few are so old and well ingrained that the double is forgotten.
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sen·tient  [sen-shuhnt] adjective
1. having the power of perception by the senses; conscious.
2. characterized by sensation and consciousness.
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Saturday, December 27, 2008

urgh auto story (autos are 3 wheeler cabs)

yesterday had a bad experience was dozing off in auto and suddenly auto guy starting grumbling. apparently he had jumped red signal and now was scared he was caught on 'flash camera' - i told him but i never told u to go fast .... he said yeah but a bus first crossed the red, he followed close behind, then the bus guy slowed down .... so he had to brake and then by the time he caught up he was very late and feared he was caught on camera .... he kept grumbling till i got off 1 km away - i gave him rs 40 and  distracted left my mobile in the auto :( chess  good chess lessons from a FICS player


good collection of for downloading e-books

I enjoyed 2 paper backs . I buy a real one 3-4 months so the authors/
publishers get some money - only fair.

No trade with terrorists

"NEW DELHI: There seems no end to the self-goals BJP is prepared to concede. Just
as Congress was hit by minority affairs minister A R
Antulay's remarks connecting
shooting of Mumbai ATS chief Hemant Karkare with the Malegaon case, BJP leader Jaswant Singh offered it a lifeline, claiming he would do the Kandahar hostage-for-terrorists swap all over again. n a TV interview, Singh not only justified the Kandahar deal, he said if the situation so warranted, he was ready to repeat the swap that led to the release of Jaish-e-Mohammed founder Maulana Masood Azhar, Daniel Pearl's killer Omar Shaikh and another dangerous jihadi Mushtaq Zargar."
Everytime I think we need the BJP they say something stupid like this that makes me think a known bumbling foolish party like congress at least has more experience and wont go over board being on the right. trading terrorists is bad and that was proved in the Kandahar case - as those same low lifes attacked us again. No trade with terrorists - better deal with them once - pay once.

Monday, December 22, 2008

aquariums as tables at the H2O restaurant in Blr

I liked the decor in this restaurant in Bangalore. Its in Marathalli near the Innovative Multiplex. The tables are all glass aquariums.

- Tushar Kapila

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Print a picture, full page using Windows Picture and Fax Viewer (Vista ...)

Can use windows picture and fax viewer to open an image and print it as a full page print out.
Here are screen shots showing how a test print . The first image s1.jpg shows : how you can right click on the image in Windows Explorer, choose open with , then click
Windows Picture and Fax Viewer

A wizard starts and you need to press Next to go thru to the welcome screen. The next image shows the opened image in Windows Picture and Fax Viewer. Now press Ctrl-P or choose the Print icon (its between the Red X: Delete and Disk like: Save icons)

At this point you see an image like below: showing the images in that folder, just skip this with Next if you want to print only the current picture (this screen does not appear if there is only one image in that folder):-

Press Next choose the printer then press Printing Preferences (image s4.jpg ):

Image s5.jpg shows my printers preferences - its a HP and gives me the option to choose Best and the paper size.

Press Ok to exit the printers preferences and get back to the original wizard (Picture & Fax Viewers print wizard s4.jpg), here press next . Then you will see the image below which is the Picture & Fax Viewers print wizards screen to select the print type, here the default should be ok - Full Page Print centered and rotated to fit. See s6.jpg:

Press Next to send the job to the printer. You can monitor the jobs in the printer window (Printer Monitor icon usually appears in the system tray and clicking that opens the window).
The wizard will should show you a completed screen like s7.jpg s7

I hope you found this post useful, your welcome to comment. You could print with Internet explorer (IE) or any other browser or even Paint. In IE I found you need to remove the header and footer page number etc from the Print preferences window.
my favorite browser is Opera that has printing support too besides being the fastest renderer of web pages.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Heart By Pass - alternative - Useful Information

This is a new technique which has come to my knowledge very recently and I thought that I should also share with you all.

A few days back my Friends Father- in- law was admitted in a nursing home due to severe chest pain.

He had an attack in 1997 and was undergoing normal treatment.

Due to the sudden pain just 15 days back we once again got him admitted in a  private nursing home at Kandiwali, Mumbai.

The doctors later suggested for Angiography.

We conducted the Angiography at Hinduja Hospital and knew from the reports that he has multiple blockages.

The doctor told that he cannot undergo Angioplasty due to several blockages but suggested "By Pass Surgery".

The same day evening we bought him home since the doctor suggested that his heart is very weak and we can perform the by-pass only after 15 - 20 days.

In the mean time we were discussing this issue with our relatives and friends, we got this new information from one of our family friends.

There is a new therapy in the market which is known as - Chelation Therapy. Or Calation Therapy.

According to this therapy any patient who has to undergo by-pass need not undergo the same.

The patient is given appx. 18 bottles of blood where in some medicines are injected along with it.

The blood cleans the system and removes all the blockages from the heart.

The no. of bottles may increase depending upon the age factor and health of the patient.

The cost of the blood per bottle would be appx. Rs.2,500/- The treatment takes of appx. 1 month.

There are only 4 doctors in India and one of them is Dr.Dhananjay Shah at Malad (Mumbai) another at Karnataka.

He has a list of patients who had to undergo by-pass from Lilavati, Hinduja and other major hospitals but after undergoing the above treatment they are absolutely fine and leading a normal life.

I give below the Doctor's details for your info:

Dr. Dhananjay Shah.
Hospital Tel:  0091-22-2889 2089.
(Mumbai but there might be more information with your local doctors too though not everyone would know about it well as its not so remunerative as a full operation and its relatively new)

Kindly pass on the message to the people you know and one can save huge amount of money, time and risk of undergoing the operation.

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