Wednesday, May 29, 2013

physical fitness certificate

Joined a company that wanted me to go to a registered medical practitioner and get a fit to work note from the Doctor. They did  not have a template so I decided to upload this one, that I got on the recommendation of the doctor I went to, from a stationary store.

If I had this text/image would have printed it out and gone straight to him.

Edited the grammar from original. Ready to print : PDF and source open office format

Edited text:


1. I, do hereby certify that I have examined                                                  candidate for

and that I cannot detect that he/she has any disease,constitutional affection or bodily infirmity except  ___

I do not consider this as disqualification for employment in office of 

2. I'm also satisfied (after personal examination) that he/she was vaccinated/re-vaccinated within a week prior to the date of this examination

3.     is age is according to his/her own statement year and by appearance about ..  years.

4. Height

5. Weight 

6. Chest measurement on (full inspiration  )

7. Vision
a) Right Eye
b) Left Eye ..:

Wears spectacles Yes/no

City / Place :
Date :


Monday, May 20, 2013

Olacabs : suggestions and sample of bad service

Meru cabs is pretty bad (never has cabs, not ready for short journeys) and now it seems that Olacabs in Bangalore is going the same way. Drivers who are not willing to listen to simple instructions on coming to your house; parking 500 meters away and expecting you to come to them in the rain, with your one year old!

Suggestions and feedback:

1. CRN 2247644 had a bad driver this journey, had to spend 15 minutes on phone to explain very easy location :  "Select hotel, Shivajinagar" which any auto driver in this area will tell you. It is a landmark in the middle of the city.
Then he could not get how to get to my house from there, even though it is one turn and 300 meters away (on a one way, so just has to drive straight and take first left turn!)

Suggestion : You really need to improve your mobile app so it takes approximate location from GPS but let's us fine tune location by 4-500 meters and remembers that so next time we can choose that pre configured pick up location. This will save your drivers time and hence make you more money in the long term. You should really show this to your higher management. I have had this kind of driver from Ola before too so it is not an isolated incident.

2. the driver then started the meter before waiting even 2 minutes, I thought it is 15 minutes free? Anyway the worst was : when we told him to wait he told my wife there is no waiting! When she told him to keep quiet and we know the rules he waited. Then on journey end the total wait time was 33 minutes and after mobile discount bill was Rs213/- (can see bill below); but he insisted that there is no discount on wait time and wanted me to call your customer care. I refused open my e-mail on phone and showed him same bill, then he went away. But it was a bad experience and am pained to think he will cheat others, especially women traveling alone. Should take action and educate all your drivers on rates, especially this one.

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Ola Invoice No. 2247644
20 May, 2013

Ride Details

You Saved ₹23.0 on this Ola Ride!
Distance Travelled 4.7 km (at ₹ 16.0 per km after first 8 kms )
Wait Time 33.0 min (at ₹ 2.0 per min after first 15 mins )

Fare Details (₹)

Total Bill Payable 213*

Service Tax

Service Tax 9.74
Education Cess 0.19
SHE Cess 0.1

Payment Details (₹)

Total Paid 213
Balance Due 0

Booking Details

Service Type Bangalore, City Taxi, Economy sedan
Booking Date 20 May, 2013, 07:52 pm
Pickup Date 20 May, 2013, 08:37 pm

*Minimum bill of ₹ 200 for the first 8 kms. and ₹ 16/km therafter. Wait time charges at ₹ 2 per min after first 15 minutes, includes waiting time during the trip.

Total Bill Payable is inclusive of service tax. Toll and parking extra.