Friday, June 17, 2022

On Karma

Karma is comforting. Gives us hope for justice. But is it a real thing? Maybe. Or there is no karma and these are coincidences. there are so many instances of people doing really shitty things and not being badly affected. i think a better way for us to navigate the world is to have our own moral compass. with loftier goals then oooh if i dont do that, then some super power like gravity will just magically appear and pull me down. yes it did not pull down X and Y even though they did worse things than i plan to; but hey that must be cause they were some saint in their past life? come on and the flip side, yes i did bad things a,b and c but i also did great things d thru z so nothing bad should happen to me. i think teaching morals and values is better than guilt and fear of the unknown and unproven except for some examples

Monday, December 27, 2021

2010 2008 photos

E's bro, SIL and their daugther

Mom, Dad, Eela around 2009 at Abshot, maybe?

Folks, Shashi and Lata, 2011 her birtherday perhaps

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Raw Okra (Bindi) for knee pain

Tip from my mother who got was adviced by an ayurvedic practitioner. Helped her for many years and now has helped me. Eat 3-4 raw okra (ladies finger or bhindi) in the morning, preferable on an empty stomach ( i have it 30 minutes after my thyroid tablet) Just wash, keep outside if in fridge and eat when at room temperature. First few times felt a bit odd, but over all great. Don't eat the end stub. Have for 25-30 days every 6 months