Monday, December 14, 2009

Foodie Bangalore - good places to fill that stomach

Seshadripuram - Sankey

Seshadripuram - Sankey Road Area


- used to be the best dosa and sambar but now the masala dosa is still awesome but the sambhar quality has gone down. maybe if you can smuggle in sambar from home or from Chandrika (junction of Cunninghamd and Millers Road). wont be an issue at all as you can park and eat here as do a lot of folks esp at weekend breakka. the place is smaller now after the hotel and restaurant owners have split and it looks like some of the cooks and old time waiters have retired too.

I do not know why restaurants that charge less cannot spend a few minutes training their staff. i have left this place once when the steward was unnecessarily abrupt about availability. hey you want to keep show your attitude - that is cool. just don't expect me to eat and pay then!

Not all bad cause I took Ela to


- old world charm, great chairs, good meals and dosa.

Next to that is Coastal express to try  Neer dosa there. but loved the veggies, malai tikka (better choice than chicken tikka). cheap alcohol to boot. the 2nd floor is non ac mostly men but still has 1-2 couples and families. maybe like us they could not find place on the ff.

Park and Eat

"boorgi and kadia veg nice; noodles Ok, soup --"
0 out of 5 blips
rotis were great. so is the dal, egg boorgi (onions and egg mixed )

on an earlier occasion had a chinese chicken in a brown sauce and hakka noodles those were fine too.

yest manchow soup was more like Indian Chow soup though.

waiters get confused so be patient
1, Near Shivananda Circle - Railway under-bridge, Kumara Park East Bangalore

Gangotri chat - high point (between Chalukya  and Sophia School)
sweets and great chat. Ok healthy dhokla too.

Same with the sweet shop near Coastal Express - Ruchi Sangam. much better after they have re done the place.

Richie Rich icreams and snacks - nice creams, fruits and pav bhaji, chat

All time favourate sweets - see below KC ...

MG Road - Central

MG Road - Central Main Business district area

Chung Wah

Off MG road Corn toast and Hot and sour soup
great tasty and good VFM hakka noodles, spring rolls, momos with that gray-brown sauce.

Church street - Food street - off MG Road


everything from the meals, to the chicken and mutton biriyani, vegetarian choices, friendly waiters, not too expensive AC or clean non make for a good lunch or dinner on the go. sweet enough to parcel in a hurry when i needed to catch a flight and my sister and kids wanted some yum biriyani ! (don't ask)


Bengali sweets and puris
the best is the bid white one half an egg. the most expensive but the most yummy by far.

The badam and kaju barfis at Anand Commercial steet are quite good too as are the  boondi laddus.
Best place for them used to be Blue Bell (near Bishop Cotton School) not been there in a few years though.

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Heading 1 For Copy

Heading 2 For Copy

VFM (Value for money)