Thursday, November 26, 2015

Blr airport route 5 bus injury rough driving BMTC Nov 26 2015

Blr airport route 5. Around 11:05pm near Bangalore Le Meridian, Hotel, Sankey Road. Bus started from airport around 10:35pm

 Injury rough driving BMTC Nov 26 2015. Driver was good, at airport was guiding people. Then a bigger BMTC employee came and chided him to start as his bus time has past. I think that put him in a bad mood. Just before Cauvery Theatre, Sankey road, there was a big function, and a lot of cars leaving. Road was jammed for 5 minutes. He lost his temper from here. Started honking like crazy. Not sure what he hoped for! Then driving at speeds and braking hard. I was in the back. Got up to move towards door (my stop was next).

Driver  braked so hard, strap broke and hit a vertical bar. Can see the results. Hope someone from BMTC sees this and tells the drivers to drive more carefully. Also maybe the problem is in the expectations - they cant be expected to be back at a certain time in this bad traffic. We need GPS integrated with local traffic so can show management that driver did not delay trip, but where the traffic was slow.