Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Movie : you cant beat the zohan

enjoyable movie if you look under the PJs and sexual innuendos. Touching too - the hate, violence, similarities between Palestinians and Jews ... reminiscence of Pak-Ind. the end brought a tear - worth watching - with an open mind prepare to be shaken. not for prudes ; hilarious flick with some social issues dealt with brilliantly

The actions scenes were right out of a mix of Matrix , Rajmikant ....

So again watch it if you like a good funny movie with a good fast story.
Bits of the story I liked a lot (warning dont read if you have not seen the movie and plan to):
the size of his penis ... was really neat was it was not really what we all think it is was the hair around .... :) but still hes a pro at using it all - 'more bush more cushion for the ladies'
how both communities - Jewish and Palestianian, have so many similarities in food, speech, immigrant status - the problems and common goals.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

mocha host - bad

I used mocha host for jsp / java servlets hosting - but they are bad - could not get jsps to work and they did not refund even though I asked for a cancel when I could not get it to work :

 Posted On: 05 Sep 2008 12:49 AM
i requested the restart 2 days back but i got no email informing me of restart ! nor does it seem to have worked the site is not working - jsp not appearing.
eatj and gives better free service please cancel this account and refund as i asked for java but never got it

Sunday, September 14, 2008

scam - cash back card

CASH back cards - I don't know of all the offers but I know the standard chartered one is a scam. they charged me 3000 for it, I took it as I knew I had some high value transactions coming up. but then I came to know - after using it for 2 months that the max cash back is 500 at 1% for regular transactions 2.5% for petrol and 5% for telecom but BSNL charges 2% for credit card payments and the standard chartered site does not have anything like Citibank for free bill pay.
The total cash back is Rs 500/- per month - that means in a year max 3,000 , you charged 3,000 and its hard to spend enough to get the cash back every month;  this is a standard chartered scam.
I'm going to cancel my card in a few days and stick to my citi bank at least they tell you all the charges upfront and there is no charge if u pay within the bill period - nothing yearly or recurring.

Monday, September 8, 2008