Friday, October 16, 2015

Suggestions for irctc and Indian railways

1. Website : add html title tag to elements or a help button to show what each class means like 2S is without AC for someone new to Indian rail its not easy. or if using after many years
2. allow payment of 3% extra to allow for choosing better seats
example in 2S if i knew i will get near bathrooms (both ends o coach) would never have booked. 3rd birth/ 5th row inside is better
3. for fat people allow booking 2 seats in 2s - else if other 2 people are fat too no place
4. have another class similar to 2s but better seats, a little higher, average height of Indian;s is 5'7 now, not 5' 5" like 20 years ago.
5. give pillows and back, neck cushion on train
6. clean bath rooms with good soap every 2 hours. Sell soap on train. Soap and air pillows from a vendor.
7. sell fresh fruit/ less fattening snacks, at least one. example whole wheat, lightly toasted bread tomato sandwich with salt and pepper, prepared at station and sold within 1 hour in hot weather (9a, to5pm), 2 hours if after 5pm or in cloudy/ winter, less than 25 degrees local temperature
8. less sugar tea and coffee, charge Rs1 extra to compensate for less sales, healthier India, will be more successful.