Friday, April 24, 2009

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I love Java , PHP, VBA, mysql, J2ME, VB6, oracle, linux win 2000+

 I love Java. Solve near every IT problem. Even UI with applets, J2ME and Swing, albeit web apps and background processes are it's forte.
Java , J2ME mysql, apache web server - with them can solve most business problems. Use XAMPP on local.

VBA - great tool - have delivered more than 10 projects using this language and it has helped with data and analysis with nearly all my other projects (in conjunction with Excel and Word). 

VB6 - the full programming part of VBA, wish they would bring it back. Not good for huge apps but great for small tools that made every day life better. Example Minutes Timer
Windows 2000 was when windows OS got on par with unix and beat it in usability.
Oracle for showing all that a database can be.
MySql for being free and powerful data base too.
J2ME for being easy to put apps on mobile devices
Linux for great performance ++ and all fre. Tried new Ubuntu in 2013 - great job. Wish all software were built to run on linux too. Then could really have a choice.

Hadoop, Neo4J and other Not only Sqls (NO-SQL). Helped analzed and use data in new and easier ways.

Thank you all the folks behind these technologies!

Tushar Kapila Volunteer computer idle time to science , and feed hungry , its free.
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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

no buy - tata tra, sky, salt ...

I stopped using tata sky, salt, tea and other products by them that I used to buy. i hope you shun them too till they change for the better.

Write to them .
TATA corporation is in the global spotlight as they launch the Nano, the world's cheapest car. But the spotlight ought to be on a costly little secret: TATA's giant port at Dhamra, which threatens the nesting grounds of an  endangered turtle species.

Merriam-Webster has this entry under 'ta-ta'; Etymology: baby talk-used to express farewell.

That's apt, considering that the TATA corporation could soon be making us say goodbye to of one of India's largest marine reserves - Gahirmatha, and with it one of the world's few remaining Olive Ridley turtle nesting grounds.

Every year, between 200,000 to 500,000 turtles make their way to the mass nesting beaches of Gahirmatha on India's east coast. This is just about 12 kilometres away from a giant port being constructed by TATA at Dhamra.

TATA is India's largest corporation and has a growing international empire, with its recent acquisitions of Anglo-Dutch steel maker Corus and the Jaguar and Land Rover brands.

In India, the company's reputation for social responsibility has been considerably tarnished over the last decade, and its performance on the Dhamra project is one of the reasons.

When the original environmental impact study turned out to have holes big enough to drive a fleet of Nanos through, we asked for a fresh, independent environmental impact study to be made, and for construction to stop until that is done. Seems like a simple demand, right?

But so far, we've hit a brick wall.

People are emailing, faxing and calling the Tatas on an hourly basis. But the port hasn't stopped.
200 scientists (many with the International Union for the Conservation of Nature) have speakon up. But the port hasn't stopped.
But guess what? We're not giving up.

Thank you

Tushar Kapila

Tushar Kapila Volunteer computer idle time to science , and feed hungry , its free.
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