Thursday, February 26, 2009

Things You Should Have Already Experienced On The net

list of things u should have experience on the net imp for ur over all growth. surprised to many here think homesexuality is bad ---> that explains our clueless leaders. "People get the government they deserve" so until we dont educate ourselves we will fall for a lot of lies be it as a consumer or as a citizen ....
how easy it is to fall for a lie -->

Monday, February 9, 2009


nda = bjp = less freedom, as good as living in a muslim or communist country "pub culture is bad" talk to other communities and your bad! no thanks rather a govt that podges around and does little than a govt that does crazy things
isn't the judiciary supposed to be separate from the govt? so "Death to Afzal within 100 days if NDA voted 2 pwr" means they will put pressure on the judges and get it into fast track? why not fast track now? cant we ask the current court to do that? there is enough proof - on film + his own statements to convict. police have had enough time to ask him questions, could have recounted every incident in his life by now.
if they control the courts for this tomorrow they will control the courts for other things in their favour / in the favour of their close supporters who give them biggest bribes.
I wont vote for anyone who says closing pubs is good, controlling basic freedom is the need and are so far right that we will not live in a democracy anymore.
arey yaar,humko
-market stability
-eradication of slums and proper housing to people
-free and compulsory education be given to all and enforcement of this law be done with the help of many organisations,hereby giving jobs to so many unemployed people to help other deprived get education
-we want equality in gender,no infanticide,no uneducated girls(I don't wanna live in a society where it is considered immoral for a girl to go to a school)
-we don't want people like sri rama sene and others telling us what to do,how to dress,how to not celebrate a day,what language to opt and speak,when to go out
-we don't want bandhs to be made a democratic right
-we want to have better equipped army + police + better all round training for them
-we want educated politicians and not criminal hooligans leading us yes a degree minimum to stand as MLA, MP, should have an active blog with feedback so can use technology to hear the people; with no criminal cases pending or convictions in any case
-we want better security for people  in our country,at the same time equal justice for men being tried under various laws for women,for no fault of theirs.Men must not be tortured or black-mailed using these laws
-we want fair and equal opportunities for all.No unfair reservations. Give grants on performance in school. No reservations. if u can get high marks then get grants. Open Candidates must not be at a loss cuz of these.Give backward people a chance to develop.
-transparency in the annual audit(I want to know where my tax money has been going,I definitely don't want it to go to some ministers and a bunchful of people's pockets!)
-we want all Political parties to fight and work for one ultimate cause,that is DEVELOPING INDIA
I don't want politicians to let India remain a developing country so that they could take loans from world bank on our name and stuff that money into their pockets
All in the name of OUR development!

Ann Coulter Under Investigation For Voter Fraud

from the article
Coulter was investigated and cleared of wrongdoing in 2006 for allegedly violating Florida's voter registration laws by voting in the wrong precinct.


does not seem that bad - she voted where she was - not like she voted twice or in someone else's name?

if the system mandates that she should not vote in some precinct then the system should not allow the vote to take place - change the system

am not sure how its done in the US but atleaset here in India, besides soldiers, you need to turn up only at the voting booth closest to your home where u can vote - first you show ID (spl voter card or passport or DL or any govt id) if u rname is matched then u vote

if u change homes u need to register 2 months before or go to the old booth

of course in practice a lot of s**t happens. but only hear of charges against people who got violent or were impersonating someone. happens less now with the electronic machines. less counting violence and rigging too. one place where technology has had a +ve effect Volunteer computer idle time to science , and feed hungry , its free.
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Thursday, February 5, 2009

UK Police spend £20,000 on cardboard officers


3-Year-Old Found Wandering Outside At Night In 25 Degree Weather

3-Year-Old Found Wandering Outside At Night In 25 Degree Weather
No coat, no shoes, the boy walked out of the apartment after he was scared because his father left him home alone. This happened right on a main thoroughfare in Westchester - I drove right by the site about 20 minutes ago. This road is like a highway - 6 lanes wide!
I think its tuff to bring up a kid without support. i think its an African saying "It takes a village to being up a child". I'm not saying that its OK what the dad did - like on the site's comments he could have kept him warm, etc and should have taken him along or gotten someone to watch him.

that's the thing with everyone 'getting a life' nuclear families ... need to pay someone to watch your kid no grant parents or friendly trustworthy neighbor ... its still a lot like that in India. a friends bro in law lost his wife a few years ago. the in laws moved in with him immediately even though they had a grand old house enjoyed their club life ... but so many people have to leave their city nowadays for work - so even here u hear of the 6 year old kid who is alone till 10pm when his folks get back after a 2 hour commute.

Atheist bus campaign picked , religion vs pragmatism

I belive in God - and I agree with this message to a large extent. right now it is blind belief in religion that's making a few bait others, and fewer go crazy and bomb others. its something that we all need to fix. make religion more private, not about public and more subtle spreading.

In India we have crazy rights & terrorists fighting with religion as the cause , missionaries steering up Hindus to become violent, government appeasing the minorities for votes, it sickens me to the core.

and its true - science has made things a lot better, but religion has just made things more segmented etc

spirituality is required but the present day religious set up is counter productive.

this image made me think in new ways, ty for posting it.

its true that science causes a lot of crap to - ask the people over at Hiroshima ... or anyone who's been the victim of a chemical leak ... but those are mistakes where as most modern religions at their core tell u - we are the best, spread this word ... science does not do that.

i agree we need more science, ethics, spirituality and less of religion. keep your religion at home with your other personal things.

Tushar Kapila Volunteer computer idle time to science , and feed hungry , its free.
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