Wednesday, March 18, 2015

RD Nature Resort, Bannerghatta blr

Wanted to go out to country side for over nite break. Choose 'Rd's Nature Retreat'  but did not live up to expectations.
What was okay:
1. if you ignore the immediate litter the surroundings are green, natural valleys and quiet at night
2. boating and bridge crossing was fun
3. staff were courteous

The deal breakers:
1. Bathroom stink. Bad drainage. Pathetic!
2. Resort is littered with cigarettes and plastic. The day we went there was no one else there, but still the management do not get anyone to clean the place up. And it has signs all over about 'Enjoying and preserving nature'.
3. Few food choices, asked for less chilli but still had to wash  the vegetables before I could eat it.
4. Advertises they have a swimming pool but is a small splash pool, that is too narrow and shallow to swim
5. Room was full of dust, asked for two dust cloth and cleaned room before could use it.

* careful with recommendations  from they obviously dont check what is on their site

No 83, Shivanahalli, Ragihalli post, Banneraghatta, Bangalore, India

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

To hotels, an open letter on improving service

Few areas of improvement:

1. Buffet. Eating after 9pm means you get heavily over cooked food. That has been simmering on the heaters.

You will have more diners if you give us a chance to server ourselves cold food and heat in a microwave.

I know this is a big change so you could start with 1 microwave and a few dishes like boiled vegetables and a chicken.

And can retain the heaters, just keep some off the heaters and a small sign saying ~

"For those who don't want food from the heaters : cold food, reheat in microwave ". I have been eatin out after the first day. Luckily many places around. I have been enjoying the cold breakfirst parts and deserts at night.

2. Room staff. I took an extra 'key' when I forgot my own, using that for the electricity. I remove the key from the holder when I leave the room, so it does not waste, but after cleaning they leave it inside.

Also I leave towel on rack but its still changed. Is the sign in the bathroom forgotten?

Otherwise all staff are very polite and helpful.

3. Business center : would be nice to keep an electric strip on top of desk to easily recharge laptop and an extra LAN cable - WIFI is okay but LAN is 4x faster.

4. Water. You lament the waste of laundry but have no problem with plastic? So many plastic bottles. Why not have water filters so we can refill our bottles. That will mean some loss in revenue, but even a 3% increase in room should offset that.

And you can then use that as a marketing and CSR selling point.