Monday, December 29, 2008

Killing Seals - Non-Veg-Double Standards?

"I recently got a mail saying 'STOP THE KILLING OF SEALS' showed gruesome pictures of baby seals being slaughtered.It didn't move me..
Is killing of animals in broilers and slaughter houses justified??Is it not double standards?
The use of pesticides and antibiotics is in a way justifiable..but we don't need meat to survive..
(sorry if am hurting the meat loving community )
Comments please..
I do not believe you can compare micro organisms to seals or chickens as they are much higher up in the food chain - have more idea of being alive feeling pain - if you consider micro organisms then why not consider plants too - they too emit sounds we cannot hear (like a dog whistle - I forget the word - high freq.) when they are broken/ plucked. "
"I'm sorry I fail to see the relation. What double standards, do you speak of? Seals are an endangered species, not abundant and canned like Tuna.
Either way, if you're looking at a whole 'vegan vs. non-vegan' debate, then you're touching on a dead end, as taste is entirely subjective.
The way I see it, life feeds on life to survive, that's the cruel order of the world, so I don't think you'd want to call yourself a hypocrite, if you come to realize just how many micro-organisms die under your respiration."
My response:
the big thing that I see as the diff is that humans are sentient - most high animals feel pain show love for off spring - but only we are sentient.
FYI - I'm a happy non veg - just that I did not see the simile with micros. killing baby seals is more unbearable as its not for food and the manner of killing is really barbaric.
But in the end its the livelihood of many that's why a "first world" government like Canada allows it. I'm against it - but then have we all stopped using TVs, petrol, chemicals, cigarettes, Computers and mobiles even though they are all harmful to us? they harm the atmosphere and kill other life   too - direct and in direct . Examples are too many but a few are: oil spills - birds, chemicals in rivers - fish, over population, farming - all forests and animals in them.
When you stop using a car / bus / train / chemicals/ plastic ... then you can sit on a high moral horse and preach about double stds. Until then we all have double standards. Just few are so old and well ingrained that the double is forgotten.
 --- --- --- --- --- ---
sen·tient  [sen-shuhnt] adjective
1. having the power of perception by the senses; conscious.
2. characterized by sensation and consciousness.
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Saturday, December 27, 2008

urgh auto story (autos are 3 wheeler cabs)

yesterday had a bad experience was dozing off in auto and suddenly auto guy starting grumbling. apparently he had jumped red signal and now was scared he was caught on 'flash camera' - i told him but i never told u to go fast .... he said yeah but a bus first crossed the red, he followed close behind, then the bus guy slowed down .... so he had to brake and then by the time he caught up he was very late and feared he was caught on camera .... he kept grumbling till i got off 1 km away - i gave him rs 40 and  distracted left my mobile in the auto :( chess  good chess lessons from a FICS player


good collection of for downloading e-books

I enjoyed 2 paper backs . I buy a real one 3-4 months so the authors/
publishers get some money - only fair.

No trade with terrorists

"NEW DELHI: There seems no end to the self-goals BJP is prepared to concede. Just
as Congress was hit by minority affairs minister A R
Antulay's remarks connecting
shooting of Mumbai ATS chief Hemant Karkare with the Malegaon case, BJP leader Jaswant Singh offered it a lifeline, claiming he would do the Kandahar hostage-for-terrorists swap all over again. n a TV interview, Singh not only justified the Kandahar deal, he said if the situation so warranted, he was ready to repeat the swap that led to the release of Jaish-e-Mohammed founder Maulana Masood Azhar, Daniel Pearl's killer Omar Shaikh and another dangerous jihadi Mushtaq Zargar."
Everytime I think we need the BJP they say something stupid like this that makes me think a known bumbling foolish party like congress at least has more experience and wont go over board being on the right. trading terrorists is bad and that was proved in the Kandahar case - as those same low lifes attacked us again. No trade with terrorists - better deal with them once - pay once.

Monday, December 22, 2008

aquariums as tables at the H2O restaurant in Blr

I liked the decor in this restaurant in Bangalore. Its in Marathalli near the Innovative Multiplex. The tables are all glass aquariums.

- Tushar Kapila

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Print a picture, full page using Windows Picture and Fax Viewer (Vista ...)

Can use windows picture and fax viewer to open an image and print it as a full page print out.
Here are screen shots showing how a test print . The first image s1.jpg shows : how you can right click on the image in Windows Explorer, choose open with , then click
Windows Picture and Fax Viewer

A wizard starts and you need to press Next to go thru to the welcome screen. The next image shows the opened image in Windows Picture and Fax Viewer. Now press Ctrl-P or choose the Print icon (its between the Red X: Delete and Disk like: Save icons)

At this point you see an image like below: showing the images in that folder, just skip this with Next if you want to print only the current picture (this screen does not appear if there is only one image in that folder):-

Press Next choose the printer then press Printing Preferences (image s4.jpg ):

Image s5.jpg shows my printers preferences - its a HP and gives me the option to choose Best and the paper size.

Press Ok to exit the printers preferences and get back to the original wizard (Picture & Fax Viewers print wizard s4.jpg), here press next . Then you will see the image below which is the Picture & Fax Viewers print wizards screen to select the print type, here the default should be ok - Full Page Print centered and rotated to fit. See s6.jpg:

Press Next to send the job to the printer. You can monitor the jobs in the printer window (Printer Monitor icon usually appears in the system tray and clicking that opens the window).
The wizard will should show you a completed screen like s7.jpg s7

I hope you found this post useful, your welcome to comment. You could print with Internet explorer (IE) or any other browser or even Paint. In IE I found you need to remove the header and footer page number etc from the Print preferences window.
my favorite browser is Opera that has printing support too besides being the fastest renderer of web pages.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Heart By Pass - alternative - Useful Information

This is a new technique which has come to my knowledge very recently and I thought that I should also share with you all.

A few days back my Friends Father- in- law was admitted in a nursing home due to severe chest pain.

He had an attack in 1997 and was undergoing normal treatment.

Due to the sudden pain just 15 days back we once again got him admitted in a  private nursing home at Kandiwali, Mumbai.

The doctors later suggested for Angiography.

We conducted the Angiography at Hinduja Hospital and knew from the reports that he has multiple blockages.

The doctor told that he cannot undergo Angioplasty due to several blockages but suggested "By Pass Surgery".

The same day evening we bought him home since the doctor suggested that his heart is very weak and we can perform the by-pass only after 15 - 20 days.

In the mean time we were discussing this issue with our relatives and friends, we got this new information from one of our family friends.

There is a new therapy in the market which is known as - Chelation Therapy. Or Calation Therapy.

According to this therapy any patient who has to undergo by-pass need not undergo the same.

The patient is given appx. 18 bottles of blood where in some medicines are injected along with it.

The blood cleans the system and removes all the blockages from the heart.

The no. of bottles may increase depending upon the age factor and health of the patient.

The cost of the blood per bottle would be appx. Rs.2,500/- The treatment takes of appx. 1 month.

There are only 4 doctors in India and one of them is Dr.Dhananjay Shah at Malad (Mumbai) another at Karnataka.

He has a list of patients who had to undergo by-pass from Lilavati, Hinduja and other major hospitals but after undergoing the above treatment they are absolutely fine and leading a normal life.

I give below the Doctor's details for your info:

Dr. Dhananjay Shah.
Hospital Tel:  0091-22-2889 2089.
(Mumbai but there might be more information with your local doctors too though not everyone would know about it well as its not so remunerative as a full operation and its relatively new)

Kindly pass on the message to the people you know and one can save huge amount of money, time and risk of undergoing the operation.

Get an email ID as or Click here. __._,_.___

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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

no way to cross road at the windosor manor juction sankey road bangalore on the way to the new airport

I hate that the government/ cops have removed the signal near my house so cant cross easily. they removed the traffic signal near Windsor manor hotel cause they wanted to make a quick corridor to the new air port and promised a pedestrian underpass - but no sign of even starting on construction of that yet. as*$#!les should have left the signals for at least crossing road every 3 minutes till underpass ready. local governments suck.
Only reprieve is 530-8:30pm when there is a cop there who manually stops the traffic from one side when there is too much traffic on the 'signal less ' corridor - meaning its a failure and another example that they don't know what they are doing and cant plan - the new road system is ok when there is less traffic but they should have left the traffic signals for when there is heavy load and the pedestrian crossing all the time

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Good one - a woman who reads (not a fishing joke)

One morning the husband returns after several hours of fishing and decides to take a nap. Although not familiar with the lakes area, the
wife decides to take the boat out. She motors out a short distance, anchors, and continues to read her book. Along comes a fishing
inspector in his boat.
He pulls up alongside the woman and says, "Good morning ma'am. What are you doing?"
"Reading a book," she replies thinking "isn't that obvious!"
"You're in a restricted fishing area," he informs her.
"I'm sorry officer, but I'm not fishing, I'm reading."
"Yes, but you have all the equipment. For all I know you could start at any moment. I'll have to take you in and make a report."
"If you do that, I'll have to charge you with sexual assault," says the woman.
"But I haven't even touched you," says the man.
"That's true, but you have all the equipment. For all I know you could start at any moment."
"Have a nice day ma'am," and he left............. !!
MORAL: Never argue with a woman who reads. It's likely she can also think !!

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

seventy mm - bad service (video rental in bangalore, india)

seventy mm - how to sue background : I had a bad experience with seventy MM now i have 2 of their discs and they have my deposit money Rs550. they did not react to my asking for my money back (they sent sms to get movies back when i called to ask for my money back they would say ok the concerned department will get back in 2 days ... this haappened 6-7 times since 2008 july. finally i called the manager and told him am recording the convo and will send a court notice. he said he will send cheque in 2 day. i said no either give me a DD or cash ( i reminded him i paid by cash) else give me the check and iwill give the discs when the check is clearer as i dont trust them. they never got back. i have the receipt of deposit.
now my question is what can i do next? which consumer forum in bangalore? need to go via a laweyer or can i fill a form and initiate? i want my money and damages (time and bearing the bad service) . anyone successfully gone thru something similar? i now use big flix - marginally better

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cop reads paper in rush hour while ...

Traffic police man  reads paper while traffic hurls past not caring about pedestrians or the little green signal for them. This was at the MG Road - Brigade Road crossing in Bangalore on 26th Sep 2008 at 3:23pm (airtel time on my phone - auto updates). I had to wait for the 2nd traffic light for pedestrians before I could cross from the other side. Then I finally crossed and took this picture! Volunteer computer Cancer cures Click:  , and feed hungry , its free.
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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

like chess play free with a quick interface

get an id from

To start a game
seek 6 48 w a 500-1200 u
Its a geat interface and quick to start

Other seeks 
seek 2 12 w a 500-1200 u
seek 3 12 w a 500-1200 u
seek 25 1 w a 500-1200 u

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Movie : you cant beat the zohan

enjoyable movie if you look under the PJs and sexual innuendos. Touching too - the hate, violence, similarities between Palestinians and Jews ... reminiscence of Pak-Ind. the end brought a tear - worth watching - with an open mind prepare to be shaken. not for prudes ; hilarious flick with some social issues dealt with brilliantly

The actions scenes were right out of a mix of Matrix , Rajmikant ....

So again watch it if you like a good funny movie with a good fast story.
Bits of the story I liked a lot (warning dont read if you have not seen the movie and plan to):
the size of his penis ... was really neat was it was not really what we all think it is was the hair around .... :) but still hes a pro at using it all - 'more bush more cushion for the ladies'
how both communities - Jewish and Palestianian, have so many similarities in food, speech, immigrant status - the problems and common goals.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

mocha host - bad

I used mocha host for jsp / java servlets hosting - but they are bad - could not get jsps to work and they did not refund even though I asked for a cancel when I could not get it to work :

 Posted On: 05 Sep 2008 12:49 AM
i requested the restart 2 days back but i got no email informing me of restart ! nor does it seem to have worked the site is not working - jsp not appearing.
eatj and gives better free service please cancel this account and refund as i asked for java but never got it

Sunday, September 14, 2008

scam - cash back card

CASH back cards - I don't know of all the offers but I know the standard chartered one is a scam. they charged me 3000 for it, I took it as I knew I had some high value transactions coming up. but then I came to know - after using it for 2 months that the max cash back is 500 at 1% for regular transactions 2.5% for petrol and 5% for telecom but BSNL charges 2% for credit card payments and the standard chartered site does not have anything like Citibank for free bill pay.
The total cash back is Rs 500/- per month - that means in a year max 3,000 , you charged 3,000 and its hard to spend enough to get the cash back every month;  this is a standard chartered scam.
I'm going to cancel my card in a few days and stick to my citi bank at least they tell you all the charges upfront and there is no charge if u pay within the bill period - nothing yearly or recurring.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Saturday, August 16, 2008

splitting souls, karma, re birth and atonement

kharma/ souls - where do they go ? is there re birth ? what else can explain - social disparities , luck?
I used to wonder though - how come the population keeps growing ( #1 problem in 3rd world countries India esp.) - are they plant / animal souls ? do they come thru from other planets/ universes / wormholes?
My new theory - if you are really bad - your soul gets split up into sub-souls that each need salvation individually - before they join and the 'original' soul gets salvation. This is if you cannot do good deeds this life, help others/ teach/ volunteer ...
Souls of folks like Hitler , I'm sure got split into a few hundred souls!
Regards Tushar Kapila

Friday, August 15, 2008 quick and easy java - php web host setup

Note this blog is now updated by Eela and Tushar
I needed a web server for running a php app that needs jsp or pure java support found help in 4 hours with
Good and quick service and got the app working.
Eela Kapilla

Thursday, July 31, 2008

laptop install check list

To insall on laptop
IE 7
XP professional SP2
java j2ee wtk sprint tomcat apache file and common mail activation
MS Office
dotnet runtime
Nokia PC Suite
Google pack
active perl

sound card
office help full VBA excel
latest office
psinfo - check if still
PsInfo v1.75 - Local and remote system information viewer
Copyright (C) 2001-2007 Mark Russinovich
Sysinternals -
System information for \\TGK3:
Uptime:                    0 days 14 hours 25 minutes 19 seconds
Kernel version:            Microsoft Windows XP, Multiprocessor Free
Product type:              Professional
Product version:           5.1
Service pack:              2
Kernel build number:       2600
Registered organization:
Registered owner:          *
Install date:              1/22/2008, 2:51:06 PM
Activation status:         Error reading status
IE version:                Unknown
System root:               C:\WINDOWS
Processors:                2
Processor speed:           1.7 GHz
Processor type:            Genuine Intel(R) CPU           T2080  @
Physical memory:           896 MB
Video driver: -

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

encoding UTF-8 / Unicode how to save as

click the image to see the full size

When you need to save a html/ other text file with accents/ special characters like รก can use text pad and use the save as dialog to choose the Encoding and choose UTF-8
See attached image TextPad_SaveAs_Encoding.JPG for a sample of the textpad encoding type in the save as dialog.
Also the html file needs to have the following meta header in the <head> section:

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />

Tech Note:

In PHP code need to use the mb_ functions like mb_substr mb_ stands for multi byte functions. You need to replace these functions in other places where you use strings that might be multi byte like substr is replaced with mb_substr, mb_ send_ mail to send multi byte emails (that may have unicode characters in the text or subject), etc

Saturday, July 26, 2008


sent international postal mail at local prices $1 Rs 50 for a one page letter to the USA
Why use this? Save time and money on international posting. Process * You upload and / or type/ draw (using in development Java applet) the letter/ documents to be posted. What do we do with your information? Nothing besides printing, sealing in envelope and posting. We do not read it or retain a copy after processing. For full details read our privacy statement
Send letters across countries faster and at low cost!
Why spend on international posting ... if you can scan or want to send personalised handwritten letters to your loved ones or type / have a text/ word/ html version of the letter, upload it here, give us your and the recipient's postal address.
To begin, simply type the letter in the big box or upload the documents to be printed (each file will be on a separate sheet, you can specify print options - margin, page orientation and choose from page sizes. Fill in the text in the big box saying Text Contents/ or choose one or more printable files. You can even zip the files if they are big/ numerous. Attachments besides txt, jpeg, html, text, MS Word (version 2000 - use save as to save in 2000 version), Excel, ppt will not processed (or zips containing anything but these types of files). Office files will be opened with macros off. We will give you a link at the end of the transaction from where you can view the status of your request. We will print and post within a day, if the payment matches the number of pages. The site will be updated within a day of us receiving the delivery receipt. You can choose to go by regular mail where there is no receipt. Full money back refund in case documents not delivered within 8 days in metros and major cities (2-3 weeks for more remote places).

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Many people take pride by saying "my India, my country". However, when it comes to ground reality, my country feeling fades away when they do not follow traffic rules, give bribes to govt. officials, public offices, at temples, etc....

The most important document that identifies you, The Passport, the process of getting one has taken people with surprise. Even after submitting valid documents and depositing the fees, people await for their passports from five to six months and in some cases even more. People are forced to bribe police officials for getting an okay report during verification process, which is the most important process for the issue of passport even when the facts are in place. And when the documents are not in accordance or you need to change or update information on passport, it might again take few months to get the work done. No doubt people are reluctant going themselves to the passport office and instead seek an agent to do the work to save time.

Other places where people often bribe officials are public offices from peons, guards to officers, VIP darshan in temples, traffic police for crossing speed limit, not holding driving license/ RC, jumping signals, no helmets, RTO officials, policemen to run cafes 24/7, ticket checkers to get reserved seats in trains, schools & colleges for getting admissions and of course there is no account about the black money.

These are a few situations where people have bribed officials to get their work done and save time.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bangalore (Bengaluru) BLR international airport bus service, great ac red volvos, quick n comfortable

On flying ... its not eco friendly but god is it faster! I was very impressed with the red ac super comfort Volvo bus service to the new Bangalore airport . got there in 35 minutes from my house (near Windsor manor hotel) - that was early Sunday but on return - rush hour Wednesday 6 50pm to 7 50pm!
unfortunately not many people are using this service ... they do not know u can go for Rs125-250 in an AC bus that has only 2/3 seats - rest is racks for luggage - so its great and quick to get on and off - luggage is in the same area as the passengers.
of course no one to help u ... but for most beats a taxi/ self drive. even if u r going to see someone off u can go with them in the bus and return in comfort ... save money and nearly same time as car ...
there are non ac buses too for half the rate. 
More information : 2009 Nov link
* edited link, ty TeeBee
For fun, the BMTC people change the link often. Clueless govt folks - what doyou expect ??! if the link does not work go to the home page

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Goa Canacona Palolem bike car hire

Goa Canacona Palolem bike car hire 9764 2676 71
have to bargain ... though dont expect more than 15% off (if more than 3 hours.)

Tushar Kapila
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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Meditation Technique with Breathing


  Hi please try it for 2- 3 weeks at least !

Remember there are a lot of methods to meditate . This is an old yoga method that is simple and very effective but only if practised regularly so give it 3 weeks - best 40 days and do it daily - best is in the morning - freshens you up and gets you ready for the day . If not can do it anytime except keep a gap of 25-30 mins.. after a meal .

Loosen any tight clothing - and remove shoes/socks/belts if possible.

Enjoy life ponder on the little pleasures like on eating a grape savour the taste.

The technique itself is {takes about 10 mins.}:

Sit down cross legged on a mattress or carpet OR on a comfortable chair if you can't sit down .

Close your eyes ;

Say a 10 second prayer of thank-u

Keep your arms on your side , with your palms made in a fist and kept near your shoulders - your elbows bent and near your body ,
Now in quick movements straighten and raise your arms right up and then back to ur sides - let them slap your ribs lightly as they come down - so breathe in when u raise and breathe out when u come down .
Do this 10 - 12 times then rest for half a minute then again and rest and once again .

If you didn't get that part its OK - do the next part well - its the main thing .

Now concentrate on ur breathing count slowly to 20 breathing slow - one count for every i n   and  o u t   s l o w ....

REMEMBER: concentrate on ur breathing - if ur thoughts wander than bring them back to ur breathing in out in out

breathe a little faster 30 times
all the time concentrating on ur breathing

1 breath in breath out
2 breath in breath out
3 breath in breath out
REMEMBER: concentrate on ur breathing - i fur thoughts wander than bring them back to ur breathing in out in out


and 30 v fast
breath in breath out
repeat all three speeds in same cycle twice more { total 3 times }

Hope u gained.

Feel great ; congratulations remember it gets better in time.


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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

poems and Haikus by Lata Kapila

Critism welcome




Meters High Waves, Winds

Strike disrupt into minusclues

Huge sheets water awesome




Books in a pile

Un-sung tales of might valour

No time from strife




Owls are weary of light

Moles daylight Bats sunshine

Man in blinds to life




Depth of colours vary

Life exists worms trees man

Consciousness differ




Examining egg

Abandoned under tree

Feel hundred eyes




Buds streching to touch

Blue skies clouds above dwarfed

Giraffe his long neck




I curl up to sleep

Rocks under water cozy

Swaying water soothe








With only you and I

Entangled thoughts

Intertwined bodies

Arm in arm we lie

Why is my heart still so cold

cheeks  wet





She lies in my heart

Morbid quiet for love

She mourns for me

Not realizing she abides in me


Birds hasten to nests

To narrate the harrowing experience of men in steel

Trespassing their domain.





The sea spray still reminds me of the spark in your eyes

The wind through the leaves

imitates your sweet voice

The opening buds are your face in happiness

The twittering birds calling out to my goddness my gladness

My spirit in repose

Come the shaky fingers of dawn

Wake me up – Wake me up

My dreams turning to reality.




 - Lata Kapila 2008

Thursday, May 29, 2008

methi roti

Healthy and yummy - hardly any oil and full of whole wheat , greens and other goodies . Use a non stick pan . English names of ingredients in the bottom.
Recipe for Methi Roti
Methi - fenugreek dhania - coriander podina - mint kotimir - fresh green coriander leaves jeera - cumin besan - chickpea flour atta - whole wheat flour ( you got to learn how to cook rotis first - see here - geberic roti )
Ingredients Required :
1. 2 onions 2. 2 Bunches of Methi 3. 2 Inch Ginger 4. 1/4 tsp. Ajwaan 5. 1/4 tsp. white jeera 6. 2-4 Big green chilies 7. 1.5 tsp. dhaniya powder 8. Salt as much required 9. Red chili powder 10. 1/2 cup of milk 11. 2 cups of atta (flour) 12. 2 tsp. oil 13. 1 bunch of pudina leaves 14. Kotamari leaves
Method :
Cut onions, methi, pudina leaves into fine pieces, Mix atta with oil,milk and add water as needed Add all the cut pieces and all the above ingredients into the atta and leave it for 10 minutes.
Different Taste :
Add 1/2 cup basin atta.
Thanks Kunad for , I was just to lazy to find out all the English names :- Just read your mom's recipe and thought I would send the English names of the ingredients to the Methi Roti.
Methi = Fenugreek
Jeera = Cumin
Dhaniya = Corriander
Atta = wholewheat flour
Pudina = Mint
Kotamari = Corriander leaves
Besan = Gram flour
There are no equavalents to ajwaan the closest in taste to it is probably caraway seeds although not quite. Keep sending your mom's recipes to the likes of us out here.
Recipe by my mom Lata Kapila the poet , read her poems .
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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

vaccine for hepatitis b

Need to take 3 of same brand if u swim a lot EnergerixB.
Hibernate your Windows (2000, XP, Vista) with a click or after a set time -  Sleep - very simple useful for .bat like the unix sleep search page that allows you to search within any website uses google works best in Internet explorer and opera freeware minute alarm, easy reminder for back ache - stand up or meeting ...
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Monday, May 12, 2008

health wealth - lower back decompresion op AND diabetes alternate help

health wealth - lower back decompression op?
hi anyone had or know anyone who has recently - last 1-2 years had a lower back ortho operation for decompressing discs that were pressing on nerves?

my mom just had one and after that I have heard from someone that its not really effective pain comes back after a few months. doc says got to do the exercise self physiotherapy that they will teach. right now she is in pain due to op - they say it will get better in a month or so
any more experiences to share?
thank you

hello I wanted to share that my taya (dads eldest bro) has diabetes and he learnt of having 2 drops of pure sandalwood oil with 2 drops of honey with 20ml warm water first thing in the morning. after this nothing to eat for an hour. so he does this first then brushes etc ...
Do for 15 days then stop for 45 days then again do for 15 days ... cycle ...
says it has really helped him control. he still has medicines and takes injection but less dozes and best part - feels better

Tushar Kapila
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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Windows add a Program to your start-up : how to

There are some websites that are worth visiting everyday. Like this one that lets you click and has advertisers give a food to the hungry and similar to that is feed hungry , its free. ecology fund website has buttons for conserving wild life and air we breathe.
When i think all of the 100000s of computers running with their CPUs being utilized 5-20% of their capacity most of the time ... then i see this great free thingy that can help in such a profound way (help find a cancer/ other fatal disease cure) i think its a no-brainer to use

Click: hunger site , and , feed a hungry soul, its free.

Please add these to your start-up . One way is to make this page your homepage so you see it when you start your browser or use this page which has other useful links it also has nice search options : searching for images and searching within a particular site (using google). There are no ads on the page so its quick loading. You can even save it to your PC and use it. It even shows you how you can edit the html to add your own links in note pad (you can always go to the internet and get the original if you make a mistake editing)

Another nice thing to use your computer more :
Help with research, genitics, history. Volunteer your computer
today! It only uses free time on your pc. does not intefere with your work. Also if you like physics see

How to add to your start up?

I assume you have a windows xp or 2000 or vista?

With windows 7 need to make the short cut in some other folder say 'My documents' and then copy paste it to start up. Or have a program make it for you. In both cases need to be a administrator. Done this so that no malicious website/ app adds it self to your start up

Assuming you do , one way would be to right click on your computers windows START button.

click explore

2nd one from top Explore not "Explore ALl Users"
Now you should see a folder similar to:

"D:\Documents and Settings\tushar\Start Menu"
replace tushar with your user name (Sruthi, Joe or user1 ...)
now look for an open a folder called

Programs , then another folder called Start up

This folder has things that are done everytime you start up
Now you should be at a folder like

"D:\Documents and Settings\tushar\Start Menu\Programs\Startup"

Here right click
in the context menu that appears choose (click)New and then choose Shortcut

Enter the web site address/ command : or hit next . name it like
click finsh
Leave me a thank you note :)

your done. More images click here

Another way is to add the browser to the start up folder (by copying a short cut to the start up folder) and then adding the pages you want opened as the home page, but then this will happen everytime you open the browser not only when you restart your browser. So the first method is better.

I hope this helps some of you put programs on your start up, especially the cancer cure one. also you can find programs you do not want and move them from your start up folder.

NOTE: Some reside in the registry start up folder and others are services Volunteer your computer for Cancer cures

Edited 5th April 2013