Sunday, February 10, 2019

2019 vote info Karanata

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Register to Vote

Different form’s for voter registration: URL :

Procedure to Fill Form 6 :
Procedure to Fill Form 7 :
Procedure to Fill Form 8 :
Procedure to Fill Form 8a :
Form 6 Declaration Section :
Hard Copies for Submission :
How to Get Voter’s Info :
Don't send by post. It is either comig back to u or getting lost. In last kasavanahalli camp 2 people showed me the returned form with cover.

Whoever is applying online has to give his hard copy with proofs to the bbmp office where he is paying property tax

Bellandur area yes u can give in Marathahalli BBMP Office.
518, Varthur Rd, Marathahalli Village, Marathahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560037.
It is above a hotel. Entry is to the side of fashion tree ethnic wear.

After get registered : 

Minimum to do is take any Govt id card can be aadhar also to polling booth and vote. Voter id card is optional.

Aadhar is not accepted when applying for voter id but its accepted identifier in voting booth as long as name and photo matches what was giving in voting application and what appears in their list.

Voter id card : they have less stock. Please call 1950 from mobile or landline and complain if not got. Can go to their office. Folks who had camp do not plan to go. There is a small chance that they will drop ids at our flats. But we do not know more about that.

Do encourage you to check names and vote;  Karnataka date NOT annoucned i, but plan to be here in Arpil/ May!

Voters should check their names on voter list, note down part and serial number. As it might change every time new list is released. Pl note it down a week before voting as it will help u find the name in polling booth easily.

Fyi Usually if Id card is ready the ward office will call and intimate the cards r ready but hologram is yet to come. Hence delay.