Saturday, August 4, 2007

Bone setters: puttur Doctors

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All over India, can find ortho-doctors who did not get their knowledge from a recognized medical school; but who never the less help the rich and the poor. They are from Puttur a small village in Andra Pradesh.

In 2000 I had knee problem. The orthopedics told me I will have to have surgery, stay in the hospital for 5 days and cough up around Rs. 7,000/- . Surgery can be good or bad

I went instead to the Puttur guy off commercial street { go to Abrham Street, take the first left (its a one way so only one direction) go down, after one cross ~ 400m will find them on the Right "Raju Puttur Bone setters"} (Bangalore)

In 2003 they helped my dad who twisted his ankle while walking.

Walking is very important for him as he had a massive heart attack in 1999. He needs to stay healthy.

They take Rs.50/- to Rs.100/- for consultation, up to Rs.100/- for medicines a day. Also I had to buy Rs.300/- oils that you needed to buy and apply at home. A big thank-you Puttur Surgeon - Docs.

Contact info: I do not keep in touch with them but you can ... if you  go to
search for Puttur Bone Setter
or in google search for
puttur bone setter contact phone

Can find many results with phone numbers and addresses. i suggest you talk to them directly and see if they can help

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