Sunday, September 2, 2007

Back pain relief

Things that helped me besides stretching are:
  • 10 mins of prayer and spiritual reading every other day. No I do not go
        to any Guru. Just at home/ on the road , gym or where ever I get the
  • worry less. Planning and time management help. and accepting that not
        everything is in our control and that not everyone is going to like
        us. A good attitude.

  • Including 15 minutes of humor everyday { comics, friends with a nice sense of
        hunor (thank-you folks.) Include 10 mins of fun in your life. 

  • Exercise every day 15 minutes of stretching + 40 minutes of either swimming,
        walking, aerobics or slow jogging. (Plan for change time. Wear good
        shoes.) OR at least 5 days a week. If you skip one day do the next for sure.

  • Sleeping well, on a flat bed. No mattress. I removed the mattress and put a
        "chattai" and a thick sheet on my bed flat wooden bed. Switch off WIFI and mobile on silent and aeroplane mode is good.
  • For upto 15 days, had raw til oil (sesame / gingerly oil, get the good quality one). (Directions: put a table spoon, raw, on your rice,
        toast or roti and eat with your vegetables/ gravy). Don’t have more for days without a break of 2-3 months.
  • Ayurvedic massage for 10 days and following the diet and medicine
        plan they gave for 50 days. It helped a lot. With a combination of
        the exercise, stretches, physiotherapy for 2 weeks, sesame oil  time
        management and fun elements.


  • Details and video:
    Back place i went to is(this
    place does not run anymore)
    can go to Kerela for the best in house places. I hear some of them
    work wonders.


    floor, 966, 12 Main



    if u come from Koramangla need to take a left at the 12th Main-100 Foot
    road junction.

    - 98458 75625 Ramesh Kumar
    This is my recommendation. No guarantees by me!

      They told me if u have the patience u just need to take the medicines and
          u will be ok in a few months. If u follow to the

          : Rs 100 + medicines Rs 400 ( can be bought from ANY Ayurveda

          a fast track path u need the massage as well. that was (Rs 500 + oil
          Rs 50) a day x 20 days

    of days varies. Do what they say.

    Go to the water / tea fountain every 1.5 hours. Don't sit for long

    Buy a good pair of shoes ( I recommend Reebok or Nike), and two ,
    good non branded track pants , a couple of T shirts , socks .... get
    into fitness. Thing to do this weekend.

    the GE-JFWTC gym and folks and other people at IMI Bangalore - Prem,
    et al :

    Thank you much  :-)

    The most effective stretch that I have found to help my back pain go away ... yes am 99% fine! I had

    level one (of four) lower back pain that plaqued me for 7 months. Made me miss 10 days of work in '04 and 05.

    DIRECTIONS: Prepare

    lie on ground , face down

    ligthly clasp your hands near your lower back

    Warm up

    raise your chin and shoulders off the ground , slowly lower, repeat 6-7 times at least

    after that .... raise your feet and knees of the ground, slowly lower, repeat 6-7 times at least


    raise your body off the ground , turn one side

    eyes looking up.

    count slow to 10

    come back down, repeat the other side.

    Lie on your back, slowly curl your legs up to your, raise your chin to touch OR if u cant go as near to your knees.

    Other streches - yoga bow posture , basic back arch, with Swiss ball..

    Cool down same as warm up  Do 2.

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