Thursday, July 19, 2007

how to add to start up

How To Add to Your Start Up?

i assume you have a windows xp or 2000 or vista?

assuming you do , one way would be to 
right click on your computers windows START button.

click explore

you should see a folder similar to:
"D:\Documents and Settings\tushar\Start Menu"

replace tushar with your user name (sruthi or user1 ...)
now look for an open a folder called 
Programs , then another folder called Start up

this folder has things that are done every time you start up

so now you should be at a folder like 
"D:\Documents and Settings\tushar\Start Menu\Programs\Startup"

here right click
in the context menu that appears choose (click) New and then choose Shortcut

now enter the web site address/ command like or hit next . name it like 

click finsh

Your done

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