Saturday, July 14, 2007

Cancer Cure : what you can do for free

When i think all of the 100000s of computers running with their CPUs being utilized 5-20% of their capacity most of the time ... then i see this great free thingy that can help in such a profound way (help find a cancer/ other fatal disease cure) i think its a no-brainer to use

Help with research, genitics, history. Volunteer your computer today! It only uses free time on your pc. does not intefere with your work 

Please add these to your start-up .

How to add to your start up?
I assume you have a windows xp or 2000 or vista? Or go to for a quick loading (no ads or add on content just quikc loading short text to make a useful start page)

Assuming you do , one way would be to right click on your computers windows START button.
click exlore

you should see a folder similar to:
"D:\Documents and Settings\tushar\Start Menu"

replace tushar with your user name (sruthi or user1 ...) now look for an open a folder called

Programs , then another folder called Start up
this folder has things that are done everytime you start up

Now you should be at a folder like "D:\Documents and Settings\tushar\Start Menu\Programs\Startup"

here right click in the context menu that appears choose (click)New and then choose Shortcut

now enter the web site address/ command like or hit next . name it like
click finsh send me a note your done!

Click: hunger site, and , feed a hungry soul, its free.



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